QUALIATIK is a multimedia artist, producer, performer, and engineer. Their feverishly introspective music pulls a thread from the subconscious and unravels its framework through a tapestry-of-sound approach. The result is a breakdown of defenses, launching the listener into a dauntless state of self-confrontation. Propelled by its emotional intensity, QUALIATIK’s music "addresses the traumatic collision between the material and the abstract, in wreckage between the psyche and embodiment.”

QUALIATIK is the co-founder of NYC-based label/collective UNSEELIE, and organizes frequent live shows via their event series Paracosm, where they feature DJs and performers from around the world, even hosting an Argentinian experimental outfit that they stumbled upon in a subway station. They have produced a long catalog of mixes, and are a resident at Rinse FM, serving a firm nod of credibility to their vision as both an artist and tastemaker. Recently, QUALIATIK collaborated with Machine Girl, Hurt Free Network (NYC), NeuroDungeon (ES), and Trance Nation (LA) to throw an IMVU-centered online festival, nu:CENOSIS, at which they hosted the likes of Arca and Total Freedom, Kamixlo, Swan Meat, and more on the UNSEELIE stage. They recently released an audiovisual project via NYC's esteemed Issue Project Room, and have been widely acknowledged for the versatility and range of their creative praxis.

QUALIATIK’s debut EP, Discarnate, was released in June 2019 via their own label, Psychoid Devices, along with a self-directed music video for the record’s single, “Mother Tongue.” The release was followed by a six-month, 50-show self-booked tour of Europe and Asia. QUALIATIK has a handful of upcoming releases in addition to an array of side endeavors.